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Your Issues Explained From A
Guided Psychological Perspective
Your Issues Resolved From A
Guided Meditative Practice
Troy Byer, Psy.D Doctoral Candidate
Founder of PsychMed Solutions
Are You Ready To Reach Your Emotional Potential? 
These PsychMed Audio Recordings Will Help You To: 
  •  Understand The Psychology Behind What Upsets You & Why
  •  Using Meditative Techniques, You Will Be Able To Instantly Control Your Emotions 
  •   Understand The Power Of Your Heart's Intelligence & How To Activate It
  •   Learn How To Conquer Emotional States That Use To Stop You 
    Abandonment -  I Fear Being 
    Left Alone
    Anger - My Temper Owns Me
    Anxiety - I Am Terrified Of Uncertainty
    Body Image - This Is Not The Me I Want To See
    Triggered Easily - I Have No Control Over Me
    Sexual Assault - They Took Me From Me
    Sadness -  I Need To Stop 
    The Hurt
    Stress - There Is Better 
    Than Here
    Yes, I Am Ready To Reach My Emotional Potential! 
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